Coverage Analysis

Orange County Insurance Coverage Analysis Attorney

insurance Coverage Analysis attorneyConsumers, whether individuals or small businesses, often depend upon their insurance company to protect them in the event of a loss. These losses come in many forms, from a house fire, water loss, a lawsuit filed against you, and/or often a lawsuit filed against your business. In these situations, you make a claim to your insurance company, and expect that the loss will be covered and the insurance company will protect you, pay for the loss, or protect you by providing a lawyer to defend against a lawsuit, when necessary.

However, often the response by the insurance company is to send the claim to what is commonly referred to as “coverage counsel”. You many think that such counsel is evaluating your claim for your benefit to provide you with coverage for your loss. More often than not, the opposite is true. In this event, you need an insurance coverage attorney to represent your interests in analyzing coverage on your behalf, and, as necessary, respond to the insurance company’s coverage analysis, which likely will be a denial of your claim.

If you have recently made a claim that has been referred to coverage counsel, or simply need an attorney to evaluate coverage for you or your business, Winthrop Law Group, P.C. are coverage attorneys able to evaluate all coverage issues, and respond to the insurance company in kind.