Denied Homeowner Insurance Claim

Orange County Denied Homeowner Insurance Claim Lawyers

Orange County Denied Homeowner Insurance Claim Lawyers
Homeowners’ insurance exists to provide peace of mind to residential property owners in Orange County. If you have experienced theft, damage from a construction defect, or any other issue covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy and had your homeowner coverage claim denied, you may feel hopeless about how to pay for the damage to your home.

The reality of homeowners’ insurance in the United States is that not every carrier will be agreeable or act in good faith when processing a claim for coverage. If you have paid for a homeowners’ insurance policy and experienced an event supposedly covered by your policy, there is a reasonable expectation that if you make your claim in good faith it will be handled in good faith as well. This doesn’t always happen, and the right attorney can be incredibly helpful in such a situation.

Why Choose the Winthrop Law Group, PC?

If you have had a homeowner coverage claim denied unfairly in Orange County, hiring an attorney could be the best way to hold your insurance carrier accountable and to secure the compensation you need to restore your home. As your denied homeowner insurance claim lawyers, the Winthrop Law Group, PC will thoroughly investigate your homeowners’ insurance claim, review the correspondence with your carrier, then carefully analyze your situation to determine if a bad faith insurance claim has taken place. When insurance carriers handle claims in bad faith, only legal action can hold them accountable.

The Winthrop Law Group, PC has nearly 20 years of experience handling all types of bad faith insurance claims for individuals and companies of all sizes. We understand the tactics many homeowners’ insurance carriers use to avoid paying out on policyholders’ claims made in good faith, and we can put our resources, skills, and experiences at your disposal after an unjustly denied claim.

When you choose the Winthrop Law Group, PC as your legal advocates, you can rest assured knowing we can handle your case without causing you further financial strain. We accept most cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we only collect legal fees as a portion of your case award if you win your case. Legal fees are notoriously expensive, so our firm makes every effort to ensure that legal representation is accessible and affordable when you need it most.

How Can an Attorney Help with Denied Homeowners’ Insurance Claims?

It’s a good rule of thumb to never negotiate with an insurance company without legal representation. Insurance companies are notorious for employing various tactics that allow them to avoid paying out on claims, even those made in good faith under full coverage of active policies. If you hire an attorney to handle your homeowners’ insurance claim on your behalf, you significantly reduce the chances of undue pushback from the insurance carrier since they will immediately notice that you have secured legal representation.

When you encounter any type of insurance bad faith in Orange County, this is not the kind of legal issue you can handle unassisted. It’s essential to work with an experienced insurance bad faith attorney who understands how these policies work and the rights and responsibilities of both policyholders and their insurance carriers.

Determining the Scope of Your Coverage

Before you file a claim for homeowners’ insurance, carefully analyze the wording of your policy to determine if the cause of your claim is a covered issue. For example, your policy may include “fire damage coverage,” but only from appliance fires that occur inside the home, not a wildfire that erupts in your area and damages your home. Unless you carefully review the fire damage clause of your policy, you may assume you have coverage when you really don’t.

This is just one example of how a homeowner could be unpleasantly surprised by a homeowners’ insurance claim. The reality is that most insurance claim adjusters will look for any and all room they can find to reduce or deny a policyholder’s claim.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

The laws of the United States and California state law require insurance companies to process all claims in good faith. When insurance companies pay out on claims, this ultimately reflects negatively for their profit margins. They have the right to uphold the terms of their policies, but they must conduct all claim investigations and processing in good faith. Unfortunately, some insurance carriers and their employees do not uphold this legal duty and instead try to bully, coerce, or frustrate claimants to the point of accepting lowball claims or outright denials of coverage.

Claims adjusters may also use dubious tactics to reduce or deny claims unjustly during their investigations. They may twist a claimant’s words, leave out relevant information, or leave serious omissions and errors within their claim investigation reports.

If an employee of an insurance carrier engages in any such behavior to reduce their liability for a covered event, this is insurance bad faith. This term can also apply to more acutely damaging and unethical behaviors such as failing to process claims in a timely fashion, refusing to provide claimants with legally owed documents, refusing to adequately investigate a claim, or otherwise tampering with the claims process.

Hire Reliable Legal Counsel

You have the right to file a claim for homeowners’ insurance coverage in good faith under the terms of your policy, and your insurance carrier has a legal and professional obligation to process that claim in good faith. If you believe that an insurance carrier has been unethical or abusive in their treatment of your claim, you may have grounds for an insurance bad faith claim against your carrier.

The legal team at the Winthrop Law Group, PC is here to help with your homeowner coverage claim denied in Orange County. Our team has successfully handled many insurance-related claims for clients throughout the area for many years, and we know how to negotiate with difficult insurance companies and their employees. Contact the Winthrop Law Group, PC today to schedule a consultation with an experienced Orange County insurance bad faith attorney and start building your case.