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There are several types of insurance policies that individuals and small businesses purchase to protect their homes, cars, businesses, life, and assets. Winthrop Law Group, P.C. has extensive experience in handling claims and pursuing litigation strategies against any insurer who has wrongfully denied a claim by an insured.  The types of policies include comprehensive general liability, property and casualty, specialty lines, homeowners and fire insurance, auto, life and disability.  These various policies provide coverage to you in the event you suffer a covered loss, and the insurer has specific duties in the event of a loss, which include payment of the claim in a prompt time period, advising you of all available coverage, a duty to properly investigate the claim, and the duty to review the claim with an eye towards coverage, as opposed to denial of the claim.  In the event you have been sued by another, these polices often include a duty of the insurer to defend you in any lawsuit, and to indemnify (i.e, pay) for any judgment or settlement against you.  However, insurers often will breach or violate these duties, and have a financial incentive not to pay claims, which is often crippling to you, as a victim, or as a target of a lawsuit.  If you have a claim that you believe is not being properly handled, there has been delay in adjusting the claim, or the claim has been denied, Winthrop Law Group, P.C. can help.  The Firm has over 15 years of experience fighting insurance companies and specializes in creative solutions, whether through the claims process, or in arbitration, mediation, and/or litigation, to recover the maximum amount of money you deserve.

The duties your insurance company has also include the duty to adjust the claim in a reasonable manner, which is also known as the duty of good faith and fair dealing.  If the insurer breaches its duty, and acts unreasonably in the adjustment and/or denial of your claim, the insurer has potentially acted in bad faith, and you may be entitled to additional damages as a result.  An insurance company’s number one duty is to pay claims made by its insureds.  Yet, so often, that is the duty that is breached, and the insurer, and its adjusters, act unreasonably in doing so.  Winthrop Law Group, P.C. specializes in handling bad faith insurance claims on behalf of individuals and businesses, and is adept at pinpointing the bad faith conduct of an insurer, and fighting to recover the maximum amount of money you are entitled to recover under the law.  This may include attorneys fees and punitive damages to deter the insurer from repeating its bad faith conduct.

If you have had a claim denied, or the insurance company is making it extremely difficult, you will want your trusted insurance attorney by your side. They will help guide you and ensure the most successful, favorable case outcome possible.  Insurance companies have regulations they must adhere to when handling your claim. A majority of insurance claim lawsuits do not make it to trial. With a lawsuit bringing bad publicity, they commonly choose to settle outside of court. Most settlements offered, may seem like a generous amount, are in fact much lower than what is deserved. Having an attorney with you every step of the way will help you determine what is a good, fair offer as well as understand the tactics and strategies an insurance company will be using against you.

If you or a loved one are struggling with your insurance claim, contact our Newport Beach insurance attorney at Winthrop Law Group, P.C. immediately to discuss your case. We understand how difficult these cases can be as well as the feelings of frustration or disappointment you may feel when trying to represent yourself. Allowing our attorney to handle your case will allow you to focus on other important aspects of your life and release any additional stress it may have been causing. Winthrop Law Group, P.C. has over 15 years of experience with such intense insurance disputes. Contact our office today to discuss your case and we will help you determine your next best step.