• Representation of Attorney Reid Winthrop
    Attorney Reid Winthrop use to work for Insurance Companies…but could no longer be a part of what they do. He now uses “that knowledge”, to represent his clients. My wife and I trust him completely and would recommend him to everyone!  He is currently representing us on two fraud cases, one which is Insurance. He promptly returns our phone calls either the same day or the next. He is very professional and also has a human side…he cares about people. We have never met an Attorney like him.

  • Thank you Mr. Winthrop for helping us succeed.
    I was referred to Mr. Winthrop by a friend who manages a very famous law firm in Southern California because the lawyer I had initially failed to accomplish any results after more than one year on the case. Mr. Winthrop negotiated a successful outcome after approximately 3 months. He is an honest, professional and dedicated lawyer. Thank you Mr. Winthrop.

  • Owner of Williams Construction Services

    I could not have been happier with the results that Mr. Winthrop was able to settle for me. He worked tirelessly until he able to settle the lawsuit and and take a huge weight off of my shoulders. I would recommend Mr. Winthrop to anyone who needs great representation.

  • Small Business Counsel

    Reid provided general counsel to our small business during a dispute and performs ongoing counsel regarding customer-facing contracts and other matters.
    In a particular instance, he helped us resolve a customer dispute over a particular transaction. He reviewed the supplier agreements and documents related to the transaction. He defined a course of action to resolve the customer dispute, without formal legal action. He effectively managed client communications and provided updated guidance throughout the engagement. Ultimately, the matter was resolved (favorably for us).I recommend Reid as a knowledgeable, responsive and aggressive legal partner.