Caution When Handling Claims With Your Insurance Company

Jun 06, 2018

Caution When Handling Claims With Your Insurance Company

insurance claimAll insurance companies have a standard company policy when dealing with insurance claims that covers all genres of submissions. All claims are investigated for validity and what actually transpired when the issue occurred that resulted in the claim. Regardless of the dynamics of the claim, claims adjusters are always looking for any technicality that can be used to avoid payment of benefits or at least lessen the value of the claim.

All insurance claims adjusters are looking for any evidence the claimant actually caused the damage, whether it is an auto accident injury or a property damage claim for a house. A claimant is just a claimant to the insurance company, and their goal is keeping any damage payments as low as possible. A primary too used by insurers is an Examination Under Oath (EUO), for general liability, property, and auto policies.  The company will often use these tactics to investigate a clam with an eye towards denial.  If the company is stalling or being difficult in any manner, and especially if an EUO has been requested, it is always best to call an experienced Orange County insurance attorney at Winthrop Law Group who can step in and keep the insurance company honest.

Investigating a Claim
Insurance companies are obligated to investigate any claim submission, but often the procedure is streamlined to benefit the company. See e.g., Mariscal v. Old Republic Life, 42 Cal.App.4th 1617, 1623 (1996). This process of investigating can also extend into a stalling tactic as well when the agent thinks they can convince a claimant to settle for a low-ball offer or avoid legal representation. The problem is that these types of claims protocols could also be viewed by the court as bad faith negotiating tactics, which is an additional claim that will take an experienced insurance company attorney to prove adequately. Bad faith is common when insurance adjusters can convince a claimant to not hire legal counsel, which studies show can significantly increase the amount of benefits paid to all claimants.

Call an Orange County Insurance Attorney
Never let an insurance company deny you policy benefits made on their own false assertions. Always call the legal professionals at Winthrop Law Group who can conduct a separate investigation into the claim and build a solid case for maximum damages settlement.