Insurance Company vs You: Responsibilities and What to Expect

Aug 04, 2018

Insurance Company vs You: Responsibilities and What to Expect

insurance claimAfter getting into accidents, many people are unfamiliar with how the system works. They assume that the insurance company will be able to provide fair compensation. Not every company will carry out their duties faithfully, though. Know what professionals at the Winthrop Law Group can do when your policy is not honored.

What the Insurer Does

The insurance company is responsible for ensuring that you are compensated for an accident. An investigator reviews and verifies the details of your claim. If the claim is honest and accurate, you are compensated in the form of a lump sum or a series of payments.

Insurance representatives also work as salespeople to sell services. They recommend policies based on each person’s needs and budget. However, most of their job duties are focused on settling claims and issuing payments to claimants.

When the Insurer Is Wrong

No insurance company is perfect, and they must think about making money like any other business. However, there are times when your insurer acted irresponsibly and must be confronted about their actions. A common problem occurs when they settle for less money than you deserve as a claimant. Another problem occurs when the settlement comes too quickly without a thorough investigation, such as a few weeks after you file a claim.

When your insurer is wrong, the next step is to contact a Newport Beach insurance attorney at Winthrop Law Group. Our professionals will review your claim along with the details of your medical injuries and property damages. The total amounts of your accident-related expenses are calculated. The lawyer determines the right amount of compensation based on these figures and decides if and when to sue the insurance company.

The insurance company has the same number of responsibilities as the policyholders. An insurer is not expected to be perfect, but they should show some respect and concern for their policyholders. A Newport Beach insurance attorney can be trusted with handling your problems more than an insurance provider can. Contact the Winthrop Law Group when you have a claim that needs to be settled.