Denied Insurance Claim? How an Attorney Can Help

Aug 10, 2018

Denied Insurance Claim? How an Attorney Can Help

denied insuranceAfter clients suffered an insured loss, an insurance adjustor would promptly respond. This professional will assess all of the damages you suffered, calculate the true costs of making you whole, and hand you a check.

Insurance claims of substantial value are rarely that easy. Businesses make money two ways: by charging more and reducing liabilities. When you file an insurance claim, you become a liability. The less the company pays, the higher its profits.

Of course, insurance companies want to maintain a good reputation, so they pay claims without too much fuss. That is in their best interest. But when the payouts start to get too high, company policy starts to get more aggressive about reducing claims, either through lower payouts or outright denials. When this happens to one of your claims, you need the legal expertise of insurance lawyers at firms like the Winthrop Law Group.

Denials of good claims happen in all types of insurance, including medical, dental, homeowners, renters, and auto. When insurance companies are trying to save money, they may even issue blanket denials for certain types of claims, forcing the insured to appeal. Often, this is a tactic meant to wear the claimant down. The insurance company figures the claimant will accept a lower amount just to get the hassle over with.

If you have filed a valid claim and the insurance company is refusing to process your claim, contact the Winthrop Law Group. Attorney Reid Winthrop will investigate your claim and determine what you are entitled to under the law. He will demand that the insurance company pays its fair share. In most cases, once a tough attorney gets involved, the insurance company pays in full. If not, your attorney will take them to court, which always means the insurance company pays more in the end.

For a tough insurance attorney in Newport Beach CA, contact Attorney Reid Winthrop. With years of experience, he is prepared to help you have the most successful case possible. Contact our office to schedule your confidential case consultation.