Why You Need an Insurance Attorney

Aug 21, 2018

Why You Need an Insurance Attorney

insurance attorneyInsurance attorneys represent both insurance companies and the policyholders. This attorney works as a representative in court and a source of legal information. There are many situations when you may need this professional’s services.
Breach of Insurance Contract

A breach of contract occurs when someone signs the document and fails to fulfill his or her obligations. A contract is a legally binding agreement that can be used in court. A lawyer works to recover the damages that resulted from this breach.

Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit

An attorney represents either an employee or an employer who’s involved in a workers’ comp lawsuit. The employee may argue that the compensation for an injury is too little or say that the claim was delayed and not sent out on time. Sometimes, the claim is not paid at all, and the case requires the expertise of a Newport Beach insurance bad faith lawyer. On the other hand, the employer may argue that the claim amount is too high or the employee falsified documents to commit fraud.

Claim Rejection and Appeal

When you file an insurance claim, you go through an application process. If the claim is rejected, you go through an appeals process, preferably with the help of a lawyer. Working with a lawyer is recommended to guarantee effective results for the second time around.

Car Insurance Lawsuit

A car insurance lawsuit is filed by an insured driver or the insurance company. One driver may sue an insured motorist for unpaid damages, while an auto insurer may sue an insured driver for damages. The insurance attorneys for both sides will review the evidence to decide who is responsible and when payments should be made.

Insurance attorneys are skilled in investigating cases that involve all types of insurance. The Winthrop Law Group has attorneys who collect evidence, from police reports to witness testimonies, and present their arguments in court. The average person cannot appear in court and confront the many lawyers of a major insurance company. Contact Attorney Reid Winthrop through the Winthrop Law Group to receive the right legal representation.