What Are Your Options When Faced with Breach of Contract Issues?

Aug 30, 2018

What Are Your Options When Faced with Breach of Contract Issues?

breach of contractIndividuals that are involved with business agreements of all kinds often experience no negative consequences when entering into written and verbal agreements with other parties. However, the occasion will arise when one party or the other fails to deliver on a particular business agreement. When this happens, it is important that the injured party understands their legal rights in the matter and is armed with the knowledge to seek any redress that is due to them.

Winthrop Law Group defines a breach of contract as the breaking of a contract resulting from a failure to fulfill contract terms without a legally justifiable cause. Examples of a breach of contract can be when a contractor fails to finish a project by an agreed upon time or an employee commits an act that is prohibited by company policy.

Breaches of contract can cause both individuals and small businesses to lose time and money in addition to being subjected to added stress and frustration.

Attorney Reid Winthrop is a Newport Beach insurance lawyer and explains that there are different types of contract breaches. It is important to understand the criterion to prove each type of contract breach when planning to file a complaint:

  • A material breach happens when a party to a contract fails to perform a duty that was assigned by the agreement.
  • A fundamental breach is when a violation is committed that allows one party to become exempt from the conditions of the contract and in some cases seek financial compensation.
  • Anticipatory breach allows a party to consider a contract breached when it is obvious that an agreed upon task by the other party will not be finished by the designated time.
  • A minor breach is a partial breach that happens when the agreed upon task is in fact completed, but not to the satisfaction of a client or partner.

Individuals in the Newport Beach area that feel they have been victimized by a breach of contract should not attempt to handle this complex matter on their own. It is suggested that they seek the services of a skilled Newport Beach insurance lawyer to navigate the process for them.

Attorney Reid Winthrop of Winthrop Law Group is a skilled lawyer that has litigated hundreds of cases and has developed an expertise in this area of the law. Any effort in the Newport Beach area to seek redress for a breach of contract matter should start with contacting Attorney Winthrop for a free consultation.