Enforcing Your Contract – Insurance or Otherwise

Oct 05, 2018

insuranceWinthrop Law Group attorney Reid Winthrop has successfully negotiated and litigated many cases on behalf of insurance companies and uses that experience to do so for the insured and policyholders. Though insurance is a very complex matter, it is at its core an agreement – a contract.

Most simply put, a contract is a legally-enforceable document that explains the offer and duties between parties. It must contain an offer, consideration, and acceptance (and be of legal subject matter). All involved are agreeing to adhere to the terms as spelled out in the contract. Unfortunately, there are times when one involved party goes back on a term.

Enforcing a contract with padded jargon can be daunting and trying to enforce a vague contract can be nearly impossible. If not handled appropriately, a waiver or unfavorable mediator decision could put you in an un-fixable bind. It is even possible to enter into an agreement without being aware – a text message can be binding if you promise to perform in exchange for another’s performance and that other upheld their end of the agreement.

If you are the one wishing to enforce the contract, Winthrop Law Group attorney review of the document will inform you whether or not you are likely to win a favorable decision. The worst-case scenario of suing over a contract is to learn that it favors the other party, and you now owe the legal fees accrued. Be sure to consult an attorney before taking any action. Newport Beach insurance dispute attorney advice can circumvent such a dilemma.

An expert Newport Beach insurance dispute attorney, Reid Winthrop will first assess if something may be done. If so, we will see to it that the insurance company (or other style of party, as applicable) upholds their end of the agreement, or pay otherwise. Contact our office to schedule your confidential case consultation today.