Tips for Taking Your Claim to Court

Mar 08, 2019

claim courtIf you have ever been the victim of an unfortunate accident and incident of any kind that resulted in the loss of property or injury, prompt resolution and payment of your insurance claims is expected. And, usually speaking, the larger insurance companies want to maintain a good rapport with you to keep you as a spokesperson and lifelong customer. However, when they may be paying a lot of money out of pocket, beyond their expectations, they might start giving you a hard time. They do this because at a certain point you have exceeded the allocated estimate of risk assessed to your case. Or, you may have claims which have some loopholes regarding them in the policy. And their staff attorneys won’t mind debating them if there is enough money at stake.

The agents, themselves, may feel bad for you and want to accommodate you if it is some basic need like providing you with temporary housing after a fire. However, once you start going beyond “getting on your feet and paying off some debts from the property loss,” they may feel pressure to deny you. It is always best to take advantage of the immediate urgency of an event and to show that you are a victim. When you no longer appear to be a victim in the eyes of the insurance companies and a sufficient amount of time has passed, or you keep requesting more money and making them work, they can strike back with being high-handed and conditional with payment releases.

When there is a misperception of your well-being and coverage, you need a Newport Beach CA insurance bad faith lawyer. Attorney Reid Winthrop of the Winthrop Law Group has been handling cases of delayed or denied “bad faith” insurance company practices for decades. As said, a “bad faith” insurance claim occurs when your legitimate claims are denied or delayed for any reason. As stated, this is usually some language in the policy that doesn’t make sense. Because an insurance policy is a contract, and contracts are strictly construed, the contract should comprehensively and expressly name the coverage and benefits available.

The problem comes into play when you have something of special value that you did not request special coverage for like a painting or business documents. Because money is serious, the insurance companies will not be quick to payout on something after it is impossible to assess the real value. They can’t speculate what the full value may be and are inclined to provide the default minimum to hedge against fraud. Now, some insurance companies can be downright dirty, and obstruct you from payments even when there is no ambiguity and you have provided clear evidence that would compel any ordinary person. These cases are the strongest and the ones where hiring a Newport Beach CA insurance bad faith lawyer like Attorney Reid Winthrop would be wise.

You should never try to deal with the bureaucracy of an insurance company on your own when they are denying or delaying payment on serious issues. This wanes their sympathy even further. If you contact the Winthrop Law Group, they can present your claims with objective certainty and hold the insurance companies in checkmate.