Insurance Company vs. Attorney: Who Will Help Your Case?

Jun 24, 2019

insurance attorneyIf you have filed an insurance claim or lawsuit, you will find yourself dealing with insurance companies. While this may sound simple, it is anything but that. Very often, insurance companies attempt to confuse you into accepting low settlements or stating an accident was your fault, denying you the compensation you deserve. Instead of letting this happen, it is important to hire an Orange County CA insurance lawyer from the Winthrop Law Group for a variety of reasons.

Communicating with Insurance Company
If there is one thing insurance companies love, it is dealing with people who have not retained an attorney. In these situations, the insurer knows it is likely the person has little knowledge of the law and their rights. As a result, it becomes easier to threaten, lie, and confuse a person into making poor decisions. However, if that person retains an attorney, all communications with the insurance company can be directed to the attorney. By doing so, the person’s legal rights can be better protected.

Negotiating Settlements
When it comes to negotiating a settlement, insurance companies thrive on convincing people they are not entitled to significant compensation for any damages they suffered. In many cases, an insurance company will provide a settlement offer that is far below what a person deserves and will indicate if they do not take this immediately, they risk getting nothing at all. However, if they hire an attorney, this can change dramatically. By having a skilled negotiator on their side, clients can often obtain compensation that far exceeds any offers from insurance companies, allowing them to get the money needed to cover lost wages and medical expenses.

Rather than risk taking on an insurance company by yourself, turn to an Orange County CA insurance lawyer at the Winthrop Law Group to ensure your legal rights are protected each step of the way.