What to Expect from a Civil Litigation Case

Aug 06, 2019

civil litigationThere are many events in life that can lead you to file a civil action against a company or a person. Civil litigation is the field of law that involves non-criminal disputes involving individuals, corporations, and other types of organizations. In all cases, extensive paperwork must be filed, and exact deadlines met. However, some cases are more complex than others. No matter the nature of your case, you must retain the services of an Orange County CA litigation attorney if you want to see it through successfully.

Types of Civil Action Cases

If you have been injured, de-frauded, or otherwise damaged physically or financially, a litigation law firm in LA can help you sue the person or company responsible for it. These are some of the most common civil action cases:

1. Car accident injury

If you have been injured in an accident that owes to the recklessness or negligence of the other driver, you can sue them or their insurance company. They are liable for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

2. Contact disputes

If you are in business, you will need to enter into a range of contracts to operate efficiently and effectively. The other parties must meet their obligations. If they do not, you are within your rights to file a lawsuit against them.

3. Premises liability

When you go to a restaurant, café, bar, or bistro, you expect to be safe. If you have been injured in a slip and fall in such an establishment, you can hold the owners liable.

What to Expect

You will need to be patient as the case works its way through the civil litigation process. Some civil litigation cases start small and grow larger as more evidence is collected and unexpected developments, some of which may be favorable to you, unfold. A case can be settled quickly if the evidence is clearly on one or the other side. If the evidence redounds to your benefit, an Orange County CA litigation attorney can press the respondent for a fair settlement. If things go the other way, the same litigation law firm in LA can help you minimize the amount of money you need to pay.

Attorney Reid Winthrop of the Winthrop Law Group has the expertise and the experience to help you in a civil litigation case. Whether you are the claimant or the defendant you should contact attorney Reid Winthrop of the Winthrop Law Group to discuss your options.