Insurance Companies Can Be Sued for Unreasonable Delay

May 13, 2020


We all know that an insurer’s modus operandi is usually to deny claims, and ask questions later, daring you to challenge the decision.  But what if all they are doing is asking questions?  Or requesting documents?  And then more documents?  And you can’t seem to get a decision on whether your claim is covered, or if they are going to deny the claim?

Insurers can be sued for unreasonable delay in the claim process even prior to giving you an adverse claim decision.  If an insurer has failed to timely investigate the claim, or demands unreasonable types and/or numbers of documents, or simply will not respond to calls, emails or letters, you can pursue your rights in court to force their hand.  Delay is an age old strategy utilized by insurers to either induce claimants to give up, or to induce a lower settlement payout on a claim.  The most effective remedy against delay is to hire an experienced insurance bad faith attorney.  Insurer’s typically will not ignore an attorney with proven experience in insurance coverage and bad faith.  And if they do, an experienced bad faith lawyer will know what to do, and may file an early lawsuit to both protect your rights, and recover damages.

If your insurance company is giving you the run around, leaving your home in disrepair, or your business unprotected, particularly during these times, contact the insurance coverage and bad faith experts in Orange County at the Winthrop Law Group to ensure your legal rights are protected each step of the way.