What Are Your Options When Faced with Breach of Contract Issues?

What Are Your Options When Faced with Breach of Contract Issues?

Individuals that are involved with business agreements of all kinds often experience no negative consequences when entering into written and verbal agreements with other parties. However, the occasion will arise when one party or the other fails to deliver on a particular business agreement. When this happens, it is important that the injured party understands their legal rights in the matter and is armed with the knowledge to seek any redress that is due to them. (more…)

Why You Need an Insurance Attorney

Insurance attorneys represent both insurance companies and the policyholders. This attorney works as a representative in court and a source of legal information. There are many situations when you may need this professional’s services. (more…)

Denied Insurance Claim? How an Attorney Can Help

After clients suffered an insured loss, an insurance adjustor would promptly respond. This professional will assess all of the damages you suffered, calculate the true costs of making you whole, and hand you a check. (more…)

Insurance Company vs You: Responsibilities and What to Expect

After getting into accidents, many people are unfamiliar with how the system works. They assume that the insurance company will be able to provide fair compensation. Not every company will carry out their duties faithfully, though. Know what professionals at the Winthrop Law Group can do when your policy is not honored. (more…)

What To Do If Your Safety Net Fails

After an accident, you have expenses that are seemingly covered by your insurance company. Since your insurer was not in the accident, you may experience difficulty in getting the compensation you need. Know what to do when your protection is not guaranteed. (more…)

Bad Faith Insurance Case: What Are Your Options?

Insurance companies process claims on a daily basis by specific company policy that many times borderlines what could be determined bad faith actions when a claim is finally settled. The typical claimant often does not understand that insurance companies are held to a strict standard when processing claims, such as disclosing the amount of insurance protection a negligent client may carry on a personal liability policy. (more…)