Winthrop Law Group’s Consumer Protection Insurance Law Blog

Winthrop Law Group’s Consumer Protection Insurance Law Blog

Winthrop Law Group has been representing individuals and small businesses against insurance companies for over 16 years, and is committed to provide you with sufficient information and tools to evaluate your options when an insurance company has delayed, given you the run around, and/or outright denied your insurance claim. In that vein, I am happy to introduce the Winthrop Law Group Consumer Protection Insurance and Business Law Blog!

I am introducing this blog to provide a forum for anyone who has had difficulty in dealing with an insurer to do a little independent research, learn and understand more about insurance companies and claims, and provide information that will allow you to understand when you may need to retain an attorney to protect your rights against an insurance company’s violation (i.e., breach of its obligations) of its own insurance policy, its internal policies and procedures, and has unreasonably adjusted and/or denied your claim.

I trust that the information you learn here will be invaluable in your pursuit of your rights. And, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to pick up the phone and call an attorney at Winthrop Law Group, or click the Contact page and send me an email.

Reid A. Winthrop

Bad Faith Insurance Case: What Are Your Options?

Insurance companies process claims on a daily basis by specific company policy that many times borderlines what could be determined bad faith actions when a claim is finally settled. The typical claimant often does not understand that insurance companies are held to a strict standard when processing claims, such as disclosing the amount of insurance protection a negligent client may carry on a personal liability policy. (more…)

Caution When Handling Claims With Your Insurance Company

All insurance companies have a standard company policy when dealing with insurance claims that covers all genres of submissions. All claims are investigated for validity and what actually transpired when the issue occurred that resulted in the claim. Regardless of the dynamics of the claim, claims adjusters are always looking for any technicality that can be used to avoid payment of benefits or at least lessen the value of the claim. (more…)